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Welcome to JAFLED Lights & Electricals in Dubai UAE!

JAFLED Lights & Electricals LLP is the venture capital of Red Rose Group India. We have enlightened the Indian market with our modern LED lighting solutions. We did this with our strong market presence in the Middle East nations. Our LED manufacturing is with the latest technology in semiconductors. Our solid-state devices with LED designs are specially made to suit the lighting needs of this Alpha + City. Our presence in Dubai will cater to the domestic and commercial customer’s ultra modern lighting needs. Our LED light products are specially designed to meet the demand of this multicultural peoples LED light with economy and durability.




Our products are designed in such a way to meet the lighting needs of all size of the building and indoor, outdoor industrial, decorative spaces. We have one LED light to match the right intensity of a room. Our LED light experts are there to clear your doubts. Our LED products with its design and technical features are here for a bright lookup.

Why Choose Us.

We manufacture LED lights according to the Dubai standards in home and commercial lightings. Therefore, our products are taken care to make with utmost quality materials. This ensures for fire, current, and thermal safety. We are customer-centric and meet all their demands. For this, we do free delivery, installation and after-sales services too. Our LED light products are with manufacturer warranty. We adhere to follow our compliance and do the best in customer service. We see our customers are our patronage.




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